How to Get More Likes On Your Facebook Profile Pic

Choose the correct moment!
For instance, you should avoid uploading a photo in the morning if you are looking for likes because other folks ordinarily work. What about afternoon? Check when your Facebook friends are online!
Additionally, you should also determine the ratio of those minutes you have uploaded the photo with the likes you obtain mostly the likes your get in first initial hours will be more, And if the results not so good, don’t worry! We have lot things to get it done.

Don’t Use Identical Photo Everywhere
Do you have just one profile picture which you use on all social networks? Social media experts are divided on that. Some experts say that it’s better to have one single profile picture on every social media platform so that anyone can recognize you on any other platform; others state that your professional linked-in photo will not handle the feelings that you wish to show Facebook. And you should think about it.

React & Reply to each comment separately
when you react and reply every comment on the picture you uploaded, it leads to increase in engagement, and it is much likely that Facebook might show your pic on the News Feed of your friends.

Add More Friends in your list
Yes your friend list should keep on growing, longer the list possibility of getting more likes on your profile pic & post increases. It’s simple as it sounds. Now its time you should send friend requests to each person you know in your life and who’s in touch alongside you.

If you have already done this, then just try adding not known people that are good friends of your friend. Note, Facebook doesn’t let to contact anonymous individuals for several security factors. So play safe, or else facebook might penalize your account fully for spam intention or may even block you.

Always be on a safer side, and it’s much better to try some tricks which could help you to receive much more friends requests on your profile. The ideal approach is always to join various groups on facebook where you connect with many random friends, and you can personally ask them to add you to their friend list.

Add Text To Your Images
Facebook issued a guideline for the excessive amount of text placed on the images, don’t worry it’s only for ads.if your post is organic, you may put text as you want. So this is the reason most of the low graded websites post lown level snapshots of articles on well known Social sites and other platforms.

I would never recommend you to go this way. Alternatively, you should come up with some different quotes or inspirational lines and also other forms of text to be placed on your images. If you like, develop some unique theme.

The text increases the breath of your picture since, even if you add a description, but the problem with that is the majority of individuals don’t read. They’ll go through what’s around the image, although they’ll ignore the explanation.

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